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Raw materials

What kind of materials do we work with?



  • meets the highest aesthetic standards
  • high accuracy – the accuracy of the marginal closure is micronic
  • not cause allergic reaction in contrast with the metal
  • the color of the zircon frame can be adapted to the color of surrounding teeth, individually characterized, which is out and away more natural than in case of metal-ceramic bridges
  • because of its extreme hardness, it is possible to prepare large-span bridges and perform fi x crowns and bridges on implants
  • two further important physical properties are that it does not conduct heat and electricity
  • in case of metal prosthesis, “metallic” taste can occure, but in case of zircon, this is absolutely excluded
  • due to its low thermal conductivity, the hypersensitivity of the teeth to cold or hot is much less common


hypoallergenic • biocompatible • extremely hard • translucent • colored individually
• can be combined with implant • precise fi t • healthy, pink gum

In our Milling Center, we work with the highest quality of zircon arrays.


  • extremely high strength
  • high biocompatibility besides minimal weight
  • resistant to acids and physiological solvents
  • has low thermal conductivity
  • arrays produced in large-scale are free of lunker and alpha-case
  • medical grade materials
  • we work with Reintitan Grade 2 and 4 blocks


The economical raw material for ceramic body. With the help of the CAD-CAM technology, we can eliminate the drawbacks from molding technique:

  • more inaccurate modelling
  • twisting bridge body
  • contaminated metal frame
  • many utilities needed

The laser in the sinter laser technology, without the presence of oxygen, while using argon gas, builds up the desired body-shape from nickel-free CoCr powder, with welding technique layer by layer.
The number of layers is between 450 to 550 depending on the height of the prosthesis.

Advantages compared to the casting technique:

  • voltage and lunker-free homoganeous body
  • due to the closed technology, the frame is oxide and dirt-free, so can be masked with ceramic more safely

Advantages compared to milling technique:

  • lower production cost, as there is no loss of material or tool wear

How to connect to the high-tech DentMill?

  • as a dental technician: sends data, sends samples via 3D optical scanner
  • as a dentist: sends data, gives negative via intraoral scanner

Dentmill is the Milling Center of the
3M ESPE LAVA zircon in Hungary.

Why choose
Dentmill Milling Center?

Dentmill is 3M Espe Lava
Zirkoniums Zentrum in Ungarn.

 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kiserdő u. 10.

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