Accuracy. Expertise. High-tech.


What kind of products do we deal with?

  • scanning of samples
  • designing of prosthesis with CAD softwares
  • receiving variety of data from open systems, designed replacement
  • 3M LAVA zircon planning, receiving data only here in Hungary
  • production from titanium, zircon, CoCr
  • all above from the highest quality materials, on professional machines and with skilled colleagues

Materials we work with

  • ceramic fused and anatomic bridge structure from titanium, zircon and CoCr materials
  • solo or zircon bridge piers inlay, onlay
  • designing and production of individual implant abutments from zircon and titanium
  • hybrid replacements, primer piers of titanium directly attached to the implant platform
  • complete dental work starting from negatives
  • ceramic frames of zircon, titanium, CoCr on sectional sample
  • receiving data from CAD software and milling of zircon, titanium, CoCr
  • professional, technical assistance to DWOS scanners

How to connect to the high-tech DentMill?

  • as a dental technician: sends data, sends samples via 3D optical scanner
  • as a dentist: sends data, gives negative via intraoral scanner

Dentmill is the Milling Center of the
3M ESPE LAVA zircon in Hungary.

Why choose
Dentmill Milling Center?

Dentmill is 3M Espe Lava
Zirkoniums Zentrum in Ungarn.

 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, KiserdÅ‘ u. 10.

 +36 70 430 4300     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.