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CNC Machines and Scanners

What technology gives the background to the professional work?


A high-precision real 5-axis CNC machines, which already has been demonstrated in other parts of the industry for years. Its universal use allows the machining of multiple materials and the solving of any future challenges. Its high mass and thermal zero point stability allows the precise execution of every detail.


A high-performance milling machine specially designed for zircon work (zirconium LAVA). An automated target machine producing the increasing dental zircon work in the best possible quality, even 24 hours per day. The materials and tools fi t to it guarantee the high quality and perfect reproducibility at every part of the world.
Hint-Els Rapid

Hint-Els Rapid

It produces highly accurate frames from CoCr alloys with laser sintering process. This technology allows for the most precise machining of cheaper raw materials. The frames built from hundreds of layers are free from torsions, deformations known from molding technique, so the long-span bridges immediately firmly fit to the pillars.


What kind of machines do we design with?
Dental Wings DWOS 3, 7 series

Compact, easy to use scanner with a versatile software, where data entering and design is transparent, extensible for future needs. CAM software is modular so that multiple tasks may be performed in parallel. During the scanning of precision sockets, we can already immediately work on the already completed stubs without waiting for the end of the process. With the help of the Die Multi-module, we can solve the detailed retrieving of 6 socket in one step.

Flexibility and affordability in one package.
If you want to plan your own work, we also offer solutions through Dental Wings scanner. You can choose what is best for the lab from variousdesigns and favorable conditions.

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iMetric Delcam CAD
Swiss precision, beautiful design, innovative software.
It ensures high accuracy with the help of a self-reference ring,
so it is a secure point in the CAD technology.

How to connect to the high-tech DentMill?

  • as a dental technician: sends data, sends samples via 3D optical scanner
  • as a dentist: sends data, gives negative via intraoral scanner

Dentmill is the Milling Center of the
3M ESPE LAVA zircon in Hungary.

Why choose
Dentmill Milling Center?

Dentmill is 3M Espe Lava
Zirkoniums Zentrum in Ungarn.

 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kiserdő u. 10.

 +36 70 430 4300     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.