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CAD-CAM technology or leading at the forefront

We work with computer-aided design and manufacturing that has been used in the industry for long time ago.
CAD: Computer Aided Design
CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing


Firstly we prepare the digitized replica of the master sample with high precision optical scanning.
3D softwares help the design of the prosthesis with almost unlimited enlargement and free choice of viewpoint. Several pre-defi ned tooth shape, number of measurement options, detailed design templates are available in the design process.

The frame of the bridges are optimized to the nature of the material to be machined and the individual needs for prosthesis by virtual parameterization. As a result, we can maximally take advantage of the opportunities offered by the material and can design the dentures suitable for individual requirements in a pre-defi ned way. The absolute advantage of the thoughtful, precise planning is that the fi nished framework require minimal post processing.


The designed prosthetic components are manufactured by high-performance, highly accurate machines. A real 5-axis machining, the latest driver software, the high setting accuracy and the long life cutters together ensure the 3-5 micron fi nal product accuracy, which also meets the requirements of customized abutments and screw fi xed bars.

Our CNC machines are suitable for both dry and liquid milling. This 32 tool-space and developable milling software together ensure us to fulfi ll future needs in a short period of time.

How to connect to the high-tech DentMill?

  • as a dental technician: sends data, sends samples via 3D optical scanner
  • as a dentist: sends data, gives negative via intraoral scanner

Dentmill is the Milling Center of the
3M ESPE LAVA zircon in Hungary.

Why choose
Dentmill Milling Center?

Dentmill is 3M Espe Lava
Zirkoniums Zentrum in Ungarn.

 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kiserdő u. 10.

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