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About us

Our team, with 18 years of experience in dental techniques, started DentMill Milling Center in June 2011. Our goal is, with the introduction of CAD-CAM technology, to serve dental technicians and dentists from designing to production in the highest level.

CAD-CAM, as a procedure existing in the industry for a long time, gathered ground in the fi eld of dental technique as well. The application of it meant such a big step, which allowed the high level preparation of implant prosthesis that require full precision.
Milling Center offers services on the whole scale of CAD-CAM technology. We design crowns, bridges, implants based prosthesis, individual structures, dental bars, inlays, inlay anchorage with high quality optical scanners.

These works are made of zircon, titanium, CoCr alloys on high performance CNC machines.

How to connect to the high-tech DentMill?

  • as a dental technician: sends data, sends samples via 3D optical scanner
  • as a dentist: sends data, gives negative via intraoral scanner

Dentmill is the Milling Center of the
3M ESPE LAVA zircon in Hungary.

Why choose
Dentmill Milling Center?

Dentmill is 3M Espe Lava
Zirkoniums Zentrum in Ungarn.

 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, KiserdÅ‘ u. 10.

 +36 70 430 4300     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.